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He is your Friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. He will be yours faithful and true (anonymous)

Our LABS are loved at 1330 Boy Scout Rd., Caro Mi 48723  Phone-989-673-8276

Oren & I fell in love with LABRADORS when we were newlyweds 45 years ago. Oren was such a hunting buff I knew someday we would have a "hunting dog". When he mentioned it was time to get a black lab I
Oren and Kathy-2004
 remember saying, "One of those big black dogs!!" Well, we went to look at a litter and of course immediately fell in love with a black male we named Quasar. Not having any children yet, Oren & I spent many hours training Quasar. He turned out to be a great hunter!

Next came Sam, he was a very calm, loveable dog. We had a harness made for him and he pulled the boys on a sled. Sam was one of our best hunters. He took his hunting very serious, but raising three little boys was his top priority.

Then there was Nugget, she was our first female and our first yellow. She was just a delight and became our brood bitch. Her love of hunting and her ability to birth beautiful puppies, and keep up with three boys, made her very "special". 

At this point we moved to the country on 40 acres with many oak trees, and we started STANDING OAKS LABRADORS. It has been a very family oriented undertaking. Our boys have helped take care of the dogs, puppies, and learned to train and work them in the field and water. All three grown sons are avid hunters like their dad. They are now raising labs of their own. 

We continue to raise, train, and breed LABRADORS. Our main goal is to breed quality not quantity. We have approximately 2-3 litters a year. We have raised 3 show CHAMPIONS, who were also wonderful hunting dogs. We have worked hard to create not just a working-hunting dog, but a beautiful, healthy, companion dog. Our dogs' temperaments are terrific, they are sweet, kind, and very obedient!

Our family has truly "gone to the dogs"!! Kathy Johnson

 "Standing Oaks Grandkids & Puppies!"





"Standing Oaks Grandkids & Puppies"